Check Kannur Voter List to find my profile updated information. I am Paul and from Kannur district only i have applied for voter id card. Now my father asking me to check the current voter id card status. Can u tell me where to check my name availability in current voter list. Because if i am not checking my father will ask the status again. If i check the Kannur voter id current updated list and tell him it would be good. Even if i plan to buy new sim card they are asking voter id as address proof verification. That time i am using my fathers details only. So my father asks to apply for new voter id card. If i plan to buy new offer sim card and if i already have voter id card it will help know. I have applied for new voter id card on 29th October 2013. When do i get my voter id card. Can i get it to my address itself or do i need to visit any office to get my voter id card.